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"Words cannot do “justice” when it comes to describing our experience with Andrea Loh. We are so thankful we were referred to her, and our experience working with her was exceptional.

My husband and I were hesitant about filing suit against the large firm he worked for given our very limited resources. Many people must feel this way. It is not easy to find a strong reputable attorney willing to take on discrimination or wrongful termination cases, but Andrea was encouraging, calm and clear. She listened to our issues then explained the possible outcomes along with a realistic timeline and expected budget. This gave me instant confidence being a public school science teacher used to high levels of control and a limited number of resources. My husband felt empowered by Andrea.

Although the process was long, Andrea kept us well informed and prepared us well for each stage along the way. When issues arose that were both hurtful and emotional for us, Andrea was steadfast and reflective, guiding us through the many hurtles involved in our lawsuit. She is so capable and smart. I highly encourage you to put her on retainer without reservation."

O.A., Former Client

"Andrea Loh helped me at my time of need, at one of the darkest and most stressful times in my professional career. And Andrea won. When you're having a great run of success, sometimes you take for granted that factors beyond your control can wreak great havoc on your professional life. After an employer lured me out of an existing offer, only to wrongfully terminate me within months, leaving me professionally adrift and emotionally lost, Andrea was just the attorney I needed.

Andrea quickly assessed the situation and the facts of the case. Working collaboratively together, she was able to help me recall the sequence of events leading up to my termination and piece together a clear picture of wrongdoing, unethical, and illegal behavior by my employer. When my employer retaliated against me and threatened to counter-sue me as means of intimidating me out of pursuing my case, Andrea came with the perfectly timed counter-punch that left them reeling and looking to settle.

Andrea is a chess player, thinking many moves down the board. Andrea is a strategic thinker, considering every permutation, every consequence and outcome.

Andrea is the legal warrior you want in your corner when employers hide behind one-sided labor laws to wrongfully terminate you."

I hope you never go through what I and others have gone through in an unlawful termination. But if you do, know that you have a great weapon and advocate in Andrea Loh."

R.L., Former Client

"Andrea Loh is a ROCK STAR! Andrea turned out to be a real gem and represented me well. Her approach was well thought out and well executed every step of the way. I trusted her guidance and it brought an outcome we were all happy with. She was adapted to all the roles at being tough when appropriate and accommodating when the situation called for it. I have all the confidence in recommending her to my circle of influence."

A.Y., Former Client

"As a person approaching a legal matter for the first time, obtaining a lawyer can be extremely intimidating. Where does someone even start? I was referred to Andrea and from the beginning my interactions with her were easy. She has a way of being incredibly professional while also understanding the humanity of her client's experience.

Andrea was able to proactively inform me so I had a clear understanding of what was needed from me, the projected timeline of the case, and I felt empowered to make the right decisions along the way. And any time I had questions along the way, she was quickly available for guidance."

J.S., Former Client

Andrea is amazing!

When I first called her, I didn’t know whether or not I had a case. Even after I provided her a summary of my situation, I didn’t know if legal action was warranted. All I knew was that I hadn’t been treated fairly. Andrea helped me realize that I, in fact, wasn’t being treated fairly and I should speak up and take action.

Andrea took the time to listen, gather details and showed so much compassion throughout the process. While working with her, she was always so responsive and although I know she was working on multiple cases, I often felt that I was her only client. Andrea is very knowledgeable and provides the best guidance in navigating the process, especially for those new to these types of legal affairs. With regards to the outcome, I was so pleasantly surprised with my settlement and all this would not have been possible without Andrea. I highly recommend her!"

C.D., Former Client

"Andrea is a "Super Lawyer". (It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Andrea!!) After explaining my issue, she was able to build a strong case and she executed flawlessly. I would highly recommend her for any employment case you have. No attorney can do it better than she can! Thank you for your services Andrea!"

C.H., Former Client

"Andrea was instrumental in helping our organization prosecute three discrimination cases. From day one, she really took the time to understand our particular goals, priorities, and interests. She was always available to answer our calls and emails, and she did a very good job of keeping us informed about case updates. On a personal level, I found her to be extremely professional and easy to work with. I can tell that she is dedicated to helping her clients and improving the larger community. I am very pleased with her work (we won all three cases!) and had a great experience overall."

M.Z., Former Client

"Andrea helped me for over a year on two different cases. At the time, I was under a lot of stress, dealing with severe medical issues and had just been let go from my job. Andrea was a great listener and made me feel at ease - after meeting with her the first time, I felt sure that she would do everything she could to help me and I was right. She was very good about letting me know when there were updates in my cases and even called to check on me when there weren't. I know that she was a tough negotiator on my behalf. Andrea worked hard for me and we got a favorable result in each of the cases. I am so grateful for her work and all that she did."

G.R., Former Client

"Andrea was very helpful to me in reviewing my offer for a senior role with a venture-backed startup. She was very responsive and was able to provide rapid but thorough turn-around as we went through the process under tight timelines. I felt confident that she was able to surface any "grey" areas where clarification was needed, and she was able to suggest alternative options. Knowing she was part of the review process made me comfortable that the legal aspects of the offer were covered; a big relief for someone like me who does not like reading legalese. Overall a great experience."

C.N., Former Client

Hiring Andrea was the best decision we could have made. She was professional, responsive and friendly. She spent a lot of time making sure we understood the process, answered our never ending list of questions and fought to ensure we received a fair settlement. We really felt like she was in our corner which was very reassuring considering the circumstances. Thank you Andrea!"

K.T., Former Client

"Andrea was an invaluable resource to me and provided excellent legal service. Going into an insurance settlement lawsuit, I didn’t know what to expect. Andrea patiently guided me through the process each step of the way. She was available at all times for any concerns I had and answered all of my questions, no matter how trivial, in a timely manner. I really felt in the loop as she always kept me updated and informed. Andrea had my best interests at heart and I am very happy with the service she provided."

J.R., Former Client

"Andrea made what was initially a stressful legal situation go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Once I got in contact with her I instantly felt like I was in great hands. She's extremely responsive and always kept me up to date on the progress being made. She's also very efficient - we were able to resolve the case much sooner than I had expected. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone in need of legal help!"

S.S., Former Client

"When I initially contacted Andrea, she was more than willing to listen to my full story and always answered my emails and calls promptly. She even did due diligence herself to help me find out relevant information. She's also the key in gathering documents from the defendant, and she stood by me every step of the way and I always felt like she truly cared. It was my first time using a legal service, so it was hard for me to know what to expect. Andrea walked me through each step of the process and was very patient. Andrea tried best to be available for me regarding questions I had and answered all of my questions no matter how small. I couldn’t thank her enough for her excellent legal service and would recommend other people for her service."

J.Z., Former Client

"Before choosing Loh Legal, I interviewed four other attorneys. None of these other firms felt like the right fit. Things were different with Andrea. She was professional and to the point right from the beginning. She did not waste any time and went straight to business helping me on my issue. She made me feel very comfortable when discussing my case and was prompt with all of her replies. Andrea’s demonstrated professionalism and timely communication prompted me to write this review."

L.K., Former Client

"Andrea was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional and informational, while still being caring and gentile to work through a difficult situation I was in. Andrea took the time to get to know my case very well in and out, and was a champion on my behalf. She was great at explaining things easily so I could understand and weigh all of my options accurately. Andrea also would regularly check in and update me, even if she didn't have an update to make sure I never felt out of the loop and aware of progress. I am very happy with the outcome, and would highly recommend anyone work with her. She is very knowledgeable and will always give the best advice tailored for you and your situation (even if it isn't the best for her financially). If you're questioning to work with her or not definitely reach out and have a chat with Andrea!!"

P.C., Former Client

"Andrea is very professional, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Loh Legal."

S.T., Former Client

"I worked with Andrea on a wage dispute issue that was fairly complex. She blew me away. Given that I was the "little guy" fighting a huge company, I was ghosted by many other attorneys I contacted. With Andrea, I felt as though my case was given the expertise and attention of a much larger case and, in the end, I ended up winning the dispute and then some. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with Andrea."

A.S., Former Client

"Andrea was compassionate and really helpful in getting my situation resolved in as positive and as speedy a manner as is possible for these kinds of conflicts. It was a really difficult time for me personally and her support & honest feedback were incredibly valuable. She listened to me, took me seriously and told me what I had experienced was not okay, when others suggested I just walk away and forget about it. That was really important. Highly recommend her for workplace conflict issues."

P.W., Former Client

"Andrea is an incredible lawyer. She has excellent knowledge of employment law. I've trusted her with some questionable situations and she has always been able to provide the service and support I need. I highly recommend Andrea!"

J.K., Former Client

"Andrea is great. She really cares about her clients and you can tell. Top notch attorney."

G.L., Former Client

"I am grateful that Andrea represented me. During our first conversation, I was impressed by the questions she asked me compared to other attorneys I had spoken with. The questions illustrated her intelligence, analytical skills, prowess, and initiative. To move forward, she reviewed extensive objective and subjective content and expertly identified the pertinent details. She proceeded methodically and on a consistent and timely basis, leading the way and explaining the likely outcome at each step.

I am extremely pleased that I followed her expertise at each point of decision. She expertly and strategically navigated the case from beginning to end. The cost structure of her services were fair, clear, and enabled me to pursue retribution despite my loss of income and minuscule resources compared to my former employer. The process and final outcome provided healing, closure, and meaningful compensation. I recommend Andrea with all confidence!"

H.S., Former Client

"Andrea and I partnered up to get the right thing done, and it resulted in a fair and successful settlement. That is what Andrea provides, a confident and courageous partner for the complicated world of Law. I provided the answers to her questions, and she provided the section and subtitles of the legal code, helped me stay stress free, and put together a great case that helped us fight and win!"

A.L., Former Client

"I was referred to Andrea by another lawyer. She listened to me fully explain my situation and immediately recommended a path to resolution. Her expertise and compassionate guidance increased my confidence that I had a good chance of winning my case. Andrea gave me excellent advice and kept me up-to-date with her progress. She took the time to make sure I understood the process and was always responsive to my questions in a timely manner. Andrea was professional, straightforward, and efficient in handling my case. She was an excellent advocate and I felt lucky to have her fighting for me. The result was a much better outcome than I expected. I highly recommend Loh Legal for any of your employment law needs."

A.V., Former Client

"I have known Andrea since she was a law student and I always knew that she would make an exceptional attorney. While she was a law student, she was invited to be a member of the very selective law school journal. After graduation, she held prestigious clerkships and gained extensive litigation experience at some of the best law firms in the country. Andrea is intelligent, competent and hard working. She is dedicated to her clients and tirelessly advocates for them. Not only is Andrea an excellent lawyer who is an expert in her field, she is also a thoughtful and compassionate person who is well respected by her peers in the legal community. If I were seeking legal advice, I would definitely want Andrea on my team."

Y.H., Former Colleague